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Volunteer Background Checks

Organizations throughout Texas and nationwide must screen their volunteers. This is especially important for organizations whose volunteers work directly with other adults, children, the elderly, and the disabled.


Why Invest in Volunteer Screening?

Adequate screening will protect your organization’s reputation and assets. Many of the volunteers working for non-profits are trusted with the same duties a normal employee would manage. As such, they must be held to the highest standard of care.

Here at Redstar Backgrounds, we want to safeguard the reputation of all our clients. Our goal is to shield your interest from child abuse, assault, fraud, and other criminal exposure. We will put together a volunteer screening program designed to bring peace of mind to your group and the people you serve.


Volunteer Screening Solutions

Understanding how background checks are performed is essential. Since there is no single database that manages every criminal record, Redstar Backgrounds utilizes multiple resources and databases to screen volunteers.

Risk is reduced by using several databases built into a national product. The system then goes direct to state searches and right to the source of conviction by performing a county search. National Criminal Data subsequently helps to pinpoint red flags that warrant further research.

“Redstar Backgrounds offers several volunteer check programs that will meet the needs of your organization through flexible volunteer screening solutions.”


Direct Portal Entry: This program allows users to screen their volunteers directly from their work station. All identifiers for a volunteer background check are placed into an electronic portal where the volunteer is submitted through the database system. This is ideal for organizations screening smaller groups of volunteers. All volunteer profiles are managed directly from the online landing portal.


Keyed Applicant Request: This program allows the user to send the volunteer a link key that will guide them to a page with volunteer-entered information. The volunteer can then complete the screening at their leisure. This solution saves the operating group time, as it places the task directly in the hands of the volunteer.


Volunteer Screening Platform: Redstar Backgrounds will develop a landing page for your volunteer program, with the appropriate screening package that meets your organizational standards. The volunteer can then submit all the necessary identifiers and information, as well as their background. This system works well for large organizations screening sizable groups of volunteers.


Volunteer Compliance

Compliance with Federal (FCRA), state, and local regulations is critical to your screening environment. Redstar Backgrounds has created a service method with built-in standards that will help clients onboard their volunteers. We follow procedures that keep our customers compliant with FCRA background reports.


Documentation: Redstar Backgrounds will provide all the necessary paperwork to get your group started in volunteer background screening. We provide documentation for disclosure purposes and FCRA compliance. Note that your organization will not incur any additional costs for this documentation.


Notification: Redstar Backgrounds offers pre-adverse and adverse action letters at no extra charge through our customer configuration process. All these forms can be customized to meet your exact organizational requirements.


Support: Our team is available to assist clients, applicants, and volunteers by phone and email. We strive to handle all our communication with the highest professional service standards.


Background Check Services

“All criminal background data secured from a broader approach to digging at the well of case origin is used to secure an FCRA-compliant profile that meets employment based FCRA screening standards.”

Redstar Backgrounds’ volunteer screening solutions also include Criminal Records Search and Driver’s License Records Search services. Please consult these pages for more information.



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